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Thursday, May 10, 2012

BLCU Conference Center Accommodation and Rates

Planning to stay in BLCU Conference center anytime soon? Here are some information I gathered on how to reserve and book accommodation at the BLCU university's Conference Center.


The Conference Center seems to be easier to book than that of Dorm 17 and other school dorms probably because it's quite pricey for it's room size. But the advantage of booking here is that you have less hassle, and you can actually book your room once you arrive in Beijing (although a slight chance of no vacancies can also happen).

How to Book

You first need to contact them in this number: 0086-10-8230-3778 and inquire if you can reserve for a room on the specific dates you intend to. I think they only have single rooms for booking. You also need to pay the reservation fee of 2,000 RMB to be sent via Bank Transfer. The bank details will be sent to you upon confirmation of your booking.


The only requirements you need are a photocopy of your passport, your admission notice, and in some occasions, your photo. You can fax them at this number: 0086-10-8230-0070. 


I wasn't able to inquire about the daily rates (I'm sorry), but my classmate did mention that he was spending around 4,000 - 4,500 RMB each month for a single room. With this, I think you can about estimate how much it will cost you to stay in the Conference Center. Best of Luck!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

BLCU Conference Center

Beijing Language and Culture University has several dormitories that cater to foreign students from all over the world. Aside from this, BLCU also has a business and conference center known as 会议中心 (Huìyì zhōngxīn). The Conference center also offers high class accommodation for foreign students - with free daily breakfast and hotel-like services.

 Exact Location

The Conference Center is located in the Northern part of the BLCU campus. It is right beside the school's track and field and directly across the Dining Hall. It is also about only 5 minutes away from the student classrooms. Due to it's location and class, the Conference Center is known to be a pricy accommodation option for foreign students. It is usually more expensive than renting a much bigger room from a flat in nearby apartments.

 Laundry and Kitchenette

The Laundry Room is located at the 7th Floor which is opened from 7:30 am - 9:00 pm. A laundry card is needed in order to access their machines. Cards are sold at 50 RMB with a 10 RMB deposit. Each wash will cost you 4RMB and if you use the dryer it will cost you around 8RMB.

The Kitchenette is also located in the 7th floor and is opened from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm.

Bottled Water

Bottled water is available for orders at the Front Desk. 50 RMB is asked for the Initial bottle deposit. You need to purchase a water pump at 45 RMB and each refill will cost you 12 RMB.


Breakfast is served daily at the Ground floor (which is a Chinese Restaurant). It's not a superb breakfast but it's a simple breakfast with egg, bread and some vegetables. It starts from 7:00 am - 8:30 am.

Telephone Services

In order to access their room phone, you need to purchase a calling card at rates from 20, 50 and 100 RMB.

 Generally, the Conference Center is for students with a higher budget, or those that ran out of rooms from other dorms. You can opt to stay for only a few days until several months depending on your choice.

 If you want to know about the details on Conference Center Room Reservation, Accommodation and Housing Costs you can visit my article on BLCU Conference Center Accommodation and Rates.

Friday, May 4, 2012

BLCU Dorm 17 International Students House Accommodation and Rates

Ever wondered how you can reserve accommodation for BLCU university's Dorm 17 International Students House and how much it will cost you to live there? Here are some facts I gathered from Dorm 17 to help you answer those questions.

How to Book a Room in Dorm 17

To be frank, Dorm 17 is the most difficult dorm to book. I've heard that agents from different countries book these rooms ahead of time and they book in bulk. They pay for everything and then recruit students who are willing to pay extra to get a sure room. This is by far the most used, and most guaranteed way to get yourself a room in Dorm 17. The price difference is not that big, but it might be around 8-10 RMB/day higher than the Dorm's original rates. Each country has its own agents. In mine, I've heard there's one in Manila but I never really got clarified about who and where it's located. If you know of any, maybe you can share it with us in the comment box below.

Can I book for a room by myself?

If you want to take that risk and try to book for a room yourself, you can, but it does not guarantee you a 100% slot. You can call Dorm 17 at this contact number: 0086-10-8230-3285 and Look for Miss Heng. The office hours are from 8:00 am - 12:00 noon in the morning and 2:00 pm - 5:00pm in the afternoon from Monday to Friday.

What are the requirements?

The requirements will include a photocopy of your Passport, your Student Visa and your Acceptance Letter. They usually ask you for the student acceptance number which starts with a letter S, followed by a random mix of numbers and letters - this is found in your acceptance letter as well. You also need to pay for the reservation fee of 2,250 RMB to be sent via Bank Transfer. The bank details will be sent to you after they have received your requirements and confirmed that you already have a slot.

What are the rates?

The rate or cost of your stay will depend on whether you have an agent or not and your duration of stay. The longer you stay, the cheaper you need to pay for your room. I went to Dorm 17 to inquire about the rates and these were what I got:

For Single Room booking -
1 month - 180 RMB/night
 4-6 weeks - 140 RMB/night
3 months - 130 RMB/night
5 months - 120 RMB/night

For Double Room booking  -
1 month - 95 RMB/night
4-6 weeks - 75 RMB/night
3 months - 70 RMB/night
5 months - 65 RMB/night

If your agent charges more than that, then that should be their fee. But it should be worth it if you really want a sure room in Dorm 17. I hope I helped!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

BLCU Dorm 17 International Students House

Planning to study in Beijing and Language University? If yes, then I'm pretty sure you've heard about BLCU University's Dorm 17 International Students House - the most coveted and sought after dormitory located right across the campus. Last year, I myself, made some effort to try to reserve a room in this dorm, but due to the irrevocable circumstances during that time, I was unable to. But, I did experience living in Dorm 17 (when I came home late and didn't want to face the consequences of my dorm's curfew). ha ha. So here are some of the information I gathered on Dorm 17 during my stay:

Exact Location

Dorm 17 is located across the BLCU Campus West Gate or 西门 (Xi men). It's surrounding environment includes the BLCU Community Center, a Bike repair shop, phone card shops and several fruit stands. Right after you exit the West Gate, just turn right and you'll see a black gate with a huge building fronted by hundreds of bike and electric motorcycles. And that's where it is - you're in Dorm 17.

Why is it always packed?

Dorm 17 is the newest dormitory in BLCU - as of the moment. Most students here are either from Indonesia, Thailand, Russia or the Philippines. Since this dorm is not covered by the school's rules and regulations, the students here have no curfew. They can come in and out of it any time of the day. It also has a hotel-like lobby where students can just hang out, talk or meet up whenever they have somewhere to go.


Like all the other dorms, Dorm 17 also has their own Laundry machines (though I'm not sure where it's located), CCTV cameras, Lobby Assistance, Daily room cleaning etcetera. Apart from that, this dorm has it's own convenience store where you can shop for your daily and basic grocery needs. There is also a coffee shop if you're a coffee lover or if you just like to hang out and study.

Dorm 17 is closest to everything - the subway, the taxis, the bus station, fruit stands, groceries - and everything else, except your classroom. If you prefer to walk your way through, it will take you around 10 minutes to reach your classroom building. But if you have a bike or an electric motorbike, it's a lot quicker - maybe even less than 5 minutes. So I don't think the distance is that much of a hassle. :)

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Friday, February 17, 2012

BLCU International Students Housing and Dorm Costs

If you're planning to study in Beijing Language and Culture University as an International Language student, you might want to get information about BLCU's International students housing and dormitories (accommodation) and how much it will cost you to live in them. This article is a product of my research, inquiry and my intent to help students all over the world who want to study Chinese in BLCU.

The BLCU University has a total of 6 dormitories for international students, located in different parts within the school, namely Dorm 1, Dorm 4, Dorm 6, Dorm 7, Dorm 8 and Dorm 9. The dormitories are classified into ordinary, middle class and luxury class. The prices or rates can range from 35 RMB - 160 RMB per day. 

Dormitory 1 and Dormitory 9

BLCU Building 1 
Students with a tight budget can consider living in BLCU Dorm 1 and Dorm 9. Both of them only have public toilets (that's why they are cheaper). The public toilets are located within the building, which makes life better for foreign students. Some Chinese students need to go across their buildings just to take a bath in the school's public toilet. The facilities for dorms 1 and 9 include a television, air-conditioner, telephone, wardrobe, desk, chair, bed and bedding. 

BLCU Building 9
Dorm 9 has extra facilities such as a mini-refrigerator and a public kitchen. Most students living in these dorms are Government scholars. 

The standard daily rates for these dorms are as follows:
Dorm 1 - Single Room - 80 RMB/day, Double Room - 40 RMB/day
Dorm 9 - Single Room - 95 RMB/day, Double Room - 65 RMB/day, Luxury Double Room 40 RMB
Dormitory 4 and Dormitory 6

BLCU Building 4
Although the school considers these dorms as luxury dorms, I would say they are middle class dorms. These dorms may not be as nice as the famous Dorm 17, but they are livable, more affordable, and location-wise, closer to the student classroom buildings.

BLCU Building 6
The difference between Dorm 4 and 6 is that dorm 4 is located near the South Gate (closer to the Intensive students' classrooms) and Dorm 6 is located near the West Gate (right in front of the basketball courts). Dorm 4 also has an International cafe on the ground floor, named Hope Cafe.

The facilities include: a television, air-conditioner, mini-refrigerator, telephone, wall-closet, desk, chair, bed, bedding, public kitchen and public washing machines. They both have private toilets in the room. 

The standard daily fees for dorm 4 and 6 are:
Dorm 4 - Single Room - 150 RMB/day, Double Room - 80 RMB/day, Luxury Double Room - 80 RMB/day
Dorm 6 - Single Room - 160 RMB/day, Small Single Room - 120 RMB/day, Double Room - 80 RMB/day and Suite - 200 RMB/day

Dormitory 7 and Dormitory 8

BLCU Building 7
These 2 dorms are exclusively for Single room occupants only. Facilities include: television, air-conditioner, mini-refrigerator, telephone, wall-closet, desk, chair, bed, bedding, public kitchen and public washing machines. These dorms are also located near the basketball courts and are closer to the west gate.

BLCU Building 8
The standard daily costs for these rooms are:
Dorm 7 - Single Room - 120 RMB/day
Dorm 8 - Single Room - 120 RMB/day

Safety and Services

All the above mentioned dormitories have a 24-hour receptionist service, which means you can check in anytime on your arrival to Beijing. Their receptionists also have good memory, they usually remember the students who live and don't live in these dorms. They also have CCTV cameras in each floor to ensure student's safety. 

Although these dorms promise the tidying of rooms and cleaning of bathrooms daily, it's better if you don't expect because they seldom do. The bedding on the other hand, is changed every week. 


I'm not sure which dorm will have a curfew in the coming terms, but I have experienced this while living in Dorm 4. The curfew is 12 midnight (every night), the doors will be closed after this time. They did try to implement it strictly but due to the way foreign students live, they were barely able to implement this rule. 

Every time we arrived late, we would just ring the bell and they will open the door for us. We did meet one cruel receptionist who was very snob with foreigners. She would scold at us when we were late but I hope she resigns. Soon.;)


The standard rates I have mentioned can still be covered by student discounts. The longer you stay in these dorms, the bigger your discount is. 

For example, when I stayed in Dorm 4 for 1 whole semester, I only paid 56 RMB/day instead of the standard 80 RMB/day because of my length of stay. 

If you want to know the specifics, here is list of maximum discounts you can get from each of the international students housing and dorms, click here to download the file: BLCU Housing and Dormitory Brochure. It is in an Adobe PDF file format. I got it from the school itself.

I will post a different article for BLCU Dorm 17 and Conference Center costs.

I hope I helped you with this article. 

So... Do you have anything to say about BLCU's housing and dormitories?